Coronavirus support drive

We know that the COVID-19 virus has had a huge impact on our schools, teachers, parents and our children. We want to take a stand with you and offer support in this difficult time by enabling you to communicate effectively and to go cashless

All the below will be done online by our d6 team
so no physical interaction is needed.

Communicate effectively to parents, learners and staff

Effective communication in general, but especially now, will be critical and being in isolation makes the task even more difficult.

If you sign-up before 30 April 2020, schools can get our d6+ Communication Module with no setup fees and no monthly fees up to the end of May 2020.

Our d6 Connect Application will allow schools to effectively communicate and coordinate with parents and teachers during this time and in the future. This will ensure the right communication and information (eg homework, school schedules and other important info) to the right people at the right time. 

We will be scrapping all implementation fees for our d6+ Communication Module if you sign up before the end of April. *Excluding data conversion costs

Make use of the d6 Connect Application and our on-campus card/bracelets to pay for all school-related matters #NoMoreCash

Cash handling can further contribute towards the spreading of the Coronavirus. Bundled with the d6 Connect Application, you’ll get our d6 Cashless module for free! d6 Cashless allows parents and children to make cashless payments by using a tap-and-pay Wristband or Cashless Card at the tuck shop or enable parents to make payments for projects and schools fees by using the d6 Connect Application. This further limits physical contact and cash handling and safeguards both teachers & children, parents and school staff.

Paper money may be spreading the coronavirus

Weekly ONLINE training until 30 April 2020 
for d6 School Communicator, d6+ Communication and d6 Cashless

We will also be scheduling FREE weekly online Communication training
until the end of April for all our clients. Click on the links below to register:

d6 School
Communicator training

Fridays  |  08h00 - 11h00

27 Mar - 24 Apr 2020

d6+ Communication (Standalone) training

Thursdays | 08h00 - 11h00

26 Mar - 30 Apr 2020

d6+ Communication (Integrated) training

Fridays | 08h00 - 11h30

27 Mar - 24 Apr 2020.

Contact our sales department for a demo to qualify for this special offer. 

Keeping you Informed,
Supported and Empowered

Kind regards


Keith Smith
d6 group | Head of Sales