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Schools using d6+ Communication Standalone product

We would like to wish you all good luck with the opening of schools for the first time since lockdown started in March. We understand that there are a number of uncertainties and would like to assure you that we are with you all the way and will do whatever we can to simplify and guide where possible.

Regarding the pre-screening of learners before entering the school, we would like to advise schools that they can make use of our d6 Communicator and d6 Connect applications to gather the information from the parents beforehand which could simplify the process for acceptance to school premises in the morning. The following tips could provide some guidance in simplifying the process.

Online submissions

Schools can request parents to submit certain pre-screening information of their child(dren) through completion of the questionnaire generated in d6 Connect daily on or before the morning of the next school day. This can be done by following the steps provided in this link. The feedback of parents can then be printed daily to keep at the school gate for monitoring.


We suggest schools have two access rows in the morning.

Row 1

Row 1 is for learners whose parents have not submitted their screening details online via d6 Connect. Their details must be manually submitted via the Screening registers provided by SA-SAMS or their 3rd party SAMS. 

Row 2

Row 2 (the fast access row) is for learners whose parents have submitted their details via d6 Connect and who do not have any symptoms or restrictions. Only temperature checks and any other check deemed necessary can be done for these learners before they are allowed to school premises. Schools need to ensure that the questions asked via d6 Connect is in line with the requirements set by DBE/DOH

Please also visit the websites of FEDSAS (all public schools) 
and ISASA (all independent schools) for valuable information.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on our office number, 087 820 0088 or e-mail

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